christmas cookie mix-ins.

Hello from the other side of Year 3 Semester 1!


Amidst the university intensity (*cough* Evidence Law *cough*) I’ve been pretty amazed at how fast the last half of the year has passed … did someone say Christmas?

On Monday, I was feeling some festive post-exam baking and remembered that I had a box of cookie-mix in my pantry.  I used the White-Wings Choc-Chip Cookie pack.

[Note: I’m still on the hunt for the ultimate quick and easy box of goodness but at the moment Betty Crocker is still my #1 pick.]

Choc-Chip Cookie mixes are my go-to when I feel like

  1. Baking with certainty of outcome; and
  2. Spicing up a simple recipe.


Usually, in goes:

  1. {1 Box of Choc-Chip Cookie Mix}
  2. {5 Tbsp of Melted Butter/Coconut Oil}
  3. {1 Egg or Milk/Water}

Add-Ins for the Day:

  1. {Oat Bran}
  2. {Raisins}
  3. {Pinch of Sea-Salt before Baking}

I love adding in Oats or Oat Bran to give cookies an extra chew and it balances off the sweetness and butter rather well.  Also… I can’t go on enough about the health benefits of oats which seem to be amassing, especially when it comes to incorporating anti-inflammatory foods into our daily diets.

I’ll admit that boxed mixes aren’t necessarily the healthiest cookie components but they remind me of childhood and uber delicious… so I’m just going to live a little ;).

[Tip: If you’re looking for a crispy edges but chewy centre vibe then flatten the dough before baking and bake for 3-5 mins longer than directed]


Happy festive baking!!

Ming xx

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