roast(ing) in bangkok.


HI ALL!!  Unfortunately, I’ve had the sad realisation that photos are no longer loading on the majority of my posts on this lil’ space as the photo-host I was using has undergone some changes.  I’ve switched things up but don’t think I can salvage my older posts.  So… instead of fretting over past posts, onwards and upwards we shall go.


Here’s a little vignette of my recent trip to Bangkok.  Having been about 9 years since my first and only trip to the bustling city, I suggested to my Mum that we take a girls only trip in celebration of her birthday.  Shining bright at the top of the trip’s wish-list was brunch at ROAST.

Very often… ok… 99.9% of the time we are inundated with aesthetic brunch flatlays and egg-porn boomerangs on instagram.  However, it is only about 50% of the time that I feel a place has lived up to its hype.  Can anyone else relate?

I treaded very carefully in managing our expectations when it came to ROAST.  However, I had a good feeling, given that it’s success has translated into the opening of another branch at the EmQuartier shopping mall and a specialty coffee joint (Roots Coffee Bar).

Located at the Commons in Thonglor, an upcoming ‘hipster’-esque area, you could most probably spend 3 hours just photographing every corner of premises.  Think of a building that has its atrium exposed to the elements and layered levels, each with unique eateries.

ROAST is located at the uppermost level with a tan wood-based interior and plenty of sunshine pouring in.

First order of business was coffee.  ROAST definitely has their coffee game down pat.  Their brew will appeal to those who enjoy fruiter flavours while still retaining the approval of the nutty/caramel fans.

Apart from the usual brunch fair, ROAST has an extensive lunch menu.  Our favourite of the meal by a large margin was the Truffle Alfredo.  Think thin and al dente lashings of pappardelle with a creamy source that isn’t overly rich finished off with a crispy bacon and fragrant mushrooms.  Uhh… yes please.

We weren’t overly crazy about the Croque Madame but hey, it had very big shoes to fill after the Truffle Alfredo. I also suspect that it may have been my inner pancake-fiend regretting my decision not order a stack of sweet goodness instead.

On a side note, ROAST won major brownie points for their bread basket, which each table can nosh on before the meal arrives.

tl;dr: ROAST is definitely worth the visit if you don’t have an extensive shopping agenda, which necessitates all hours to be spent in the city centre.  Their Truffle Alfredo hype is not misplaced and their coffee game is indeed strong.

There were many other items I would have loved to have tried on the menu … oh if only ROAST weren’t in another country!

Ming xx

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