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A New Era: The Century Grand Opening

There is always a feeling of warmth associated with the words “I remember when you were a baby…and look how grown up you are.”  It is truly amazing how quickly time flies when we see the changes that accompany it.

My appreciation of food and love of seafood can most likely be attributed to “The Golden Century Seafood Restaurant”.  From the time I was in Mama’s belly I was already being introduced to the world of good food – apparently the parentals were dining at Golden Century Seafood Restaurant twice a week!  I guess this also explains my slight obsession with seafood…

This ultimately led to the formation of a long and close friendship with the owners of the restaurant, Linda and Eric Wong, who became the godparents to both myself and Lil’ Bro.

I was privileged enough to attend the grand opening of “The Century” at the Star Casino and witness its birth into a prosperous business.  Today marked the beginning of a new era for Golden Century, a culmination of its development, change and strong familial contributions over its long history of success.  This is reflected in the creation and future of this new venture.

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New Beginnings: The Milk Bar by Café Ish

New beginnings don’t necessarily mean that we forget the old – especially the good!  Instead, we can combine the revitalised and renewed self with the unique and original.

Firstly, a big congratulations to Josh and Ai on the opening of their new venture “The Milk Bar by Café Ish”!  Although my family and I were sad to see that our newly discovered weekend brunch/lunch spot would be shutting down, we were reassured that Café Ish would not be disappearing for good (phewwww!!).

In this new beginning, a simpler approach transformed café to retro/fun milk bar.  However, the original essence of Café Ish still lives on within this new concept in the form of the famous “soft shell crab omelette” and “ai’s freaking awesome fried chicken”!

Papa couldn’t stay away from the omelette and as usual it did not fail to impress.  He devoured it before I could even take a snapshot!

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Brunch Bliss

Post-exam period induces the best of moods – the sun just seems to shine a tad brighter as the previous weeks of perpetual mental angst and stress in solitary confinement become distant memories!

Finally given the time to enjoy my weekends for what they are worth, I’ve made it my mission to embrace the sleep ins and engage in my favourite weekend meal with the family…BRUNCH.  I don’t know what it is about this ‘inbetweeners’ meal, but it manages to provide some blissful satisfaction that doesn’t accompany the usual breakfast and lunch.  Maybe it’s the omission of rules; the right to mix the sweet and savoury worlds of pancakes, eggs and pasta into a single meal.

So, my family has been dragged along to a few brunch spots that I’ve had my eye or rather stomach on after trolling through a few of my favourite foodie blogs, chocolatesuze, gastronomous anonymous, he needs food.  I managed to sneak in a few snapshots from Bread and Circus and Youeni Foodstore on my travels.


Located in the suburb of gentrification, Alexandria, this warehouse café seemed to encapsulate the definition of Sydney’s changing food scene.  From it’s set up to menu, Bread and Circus brings everything back to basics, making its name through biodynamic and organic ingredients in its minimalist and open design kitchen that flows out into the hubabub of the hungry crowd.

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Culinary Royalty: Guillaume at Bennelong

My first post! Let us start off with the pizzazz of Sydney’s food scene derived from its oxymoronic culinary delights! From dining at hatted restaurants to hole in the wall joints, each manages to deliver true satisfaction to the taste buds!  We begin with one end of the eclectic spectrum at the hatted Guillaume @ Bennelong.

It was the big one-eight for one of my close friends (Happy Birthday M!) and in true style, she chose to celebrate this milestone at this famous restaurant with a view. The evening began with pre-dinner drinks at the Shangrila… as we readied our stomachs for the true food connoisseur experience!

Walking up the Sydney Opera House stairs, I, or rather my appetite was bursting with anticipation, whet by those words glowing in gold.

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