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Curing Homesickness: Flavours of Malaysia at The Grace Hotel

Sometimes, I feel a little homesick and begin to reminisce about my extended family in Singapore.  Many of my fondest memories are centred around the dining table, or scattered across the my Ah Ma’s living room with bowls of her famous dishes and ‘da pao’  (takeaway) packets of Singaporean hawker delights!

Being a melting pot of foods from all over Asia, the cuisine of Singapore is rather synonymous with that of Malaysia.  So when I first heard about The Grace Hotel’s “Flavours of Malaysia” Food Festival two years ago, my little tastebuds were screaming to taste the culinary splendour exhibited by this well known buffet of Sydney’s Crave Festival.  Would the “Flavours of Malaysia” be the cure to my homesickness…?


This is the third time that I have attended the Grace Hotel’s “Flavours of Malaysia” – each time I leave feeling more impressed than the previous!  I was lucky enough to attend the opening night to sample the culinary delights of Malaysia.  This year there was a focus on North Malaysian cuisine.

As always we started off with a variety of fresh salads, bursting with spices as the culinary journey began.  I was already starting to feel somewhat closer to home!  I absolutely adored the DIY ‘Gado-Gado’ – what I like to describe as a mix n’ match of crunchy salads with a punchy acidity of tropical fruits, topped off with a sinfully delicious sweet sauce accompanied by crunchy peanuts!  The variety of sauces on choice sent my head into a spin and I was ready to squeal with delight when I spied the enormous jars of ‘keropok’ (prawn crackers).

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