b burger.

In the middle of a busy day of classes, I received multiple Desktop Notifications, directing me to screenshots on my family chat of our next-to-try burger spot.  Word on the insta-sphere was that a new burger reminiscent to ‘In ‘n Out’-fame had been created.  Having seen and heard much about the deliciousness of ‘In ‘n Out’ online, two thoughts came to mind: (1) Wow that looks strikingly similar to In ‘n Out; and (2) Must. Try.

There was of course an interlude of a three hour class on Copyright and a few days to let the crowds die down before heading to Cinelesiure to check-out the hype surrounding those B-Burgers.

I’m not one for crazy fusion-flavour concoctions so made a bee-line for the original single patty ‘B-Burger’ with a side of Truffle Fries.  From the quality and freshness of the hand-formed beef patty to the lettuce and tomato in the burger, this joint really hit the mark.   You can see the kitchen make each order from scratch, so it comes to you piping hot and delicious. Oh and one cannot forget the special sauce that apart from making it most aesthetically similar to In ‘n Out, makes the humble burger a little unique and gives it some oomph.

I’ve since returned and tried some delicious shakes to complete the experience, which I felt outshone their ice-cream mix-ins.  The bro and I went halves on the Cookies & Cream and Smores and decided the latter was our favourite.  That’s not to say that the Cookies & Cream was not awesome because… cheeky chunks of Oreo in each sip.

B-Burger will definitely give Omakase Burger a run for its money.  The general consensus was that the patty itself was less sloppy and grilled to perfection, making it a more enjoyable burger overall.

So, if you’re a burger fan, B Burger is definitely worth a visit.

Ming xx

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