‘speedo’-ing through sydney.

Hello from Sydney!

(and a belated Merry Christmas)

The night I completed 3 weeks of hard but fulfilling work with a truly fantastic group of giving and fun-filled individuals, I hopped onto a plane heading for Christmas in the land down-under. More specifically, this would be Christmas in Sydney for the first time in 15 years. A relaxing break like this could not have come at a better time!

The most unique part about Christmas in Sydney is the oxymoron of summer and beaches with the iconic white winter Christmas imagery we all know so well. This was really drawn to my attention when someone recently asked me whether it was odd to see ‘tank-top wearing Santas’ in Australia, to which I replied with a “Strangely, I think I may be used to it”.  So, when organising our mandatory catch up with wifey @mighteee, I of course suggested that we embrace this Sydney ‘uniqueness’ and make our way to Bondi Beach.

 photo bc82611c-f0e4-4aba-958c-1d81a721d8e6_zpsdctbr7dz.png

 photo IMG_7897_zpsljh8qjmv.jpg

I think that Speedo’s Café (@speedoscafe) may have shot to fame when super-star Hugh Jackman heralded it to be his favourite café, which also served up the best banana smoothie. Following this came the wave of vegan trendsetters, who were in awe of its pancake stack and plant-based burgers. In conclusion, Speedo’s has definitely become a Bondi attraction in its own right … perhaps it has even shot to Hugh Jackman stardom on the foodie scene.

Upon taking in the beautiful summer views of Bondi form the café, we turn to the foodie-aspect of the experience.

tl;dr: order the Vegan Pancakes (yes… even all the non-vegans should order this) and hold-off adding the Cocowhip (additional $3) unless you have an undying love for it.

 photo IMG_7894_zpsucwwit2i.jpg

Vegan Pancakes

As a product of excessive insta-scrolling and my pancake addiction, I had my stomach set on the Vegan Pancakes. The rationale? I should make my pancake indulgence a more healthful affair without compromising on taste.

 photo IMG_7895_zpsphlp6tt2.jpg

True to its reviews, this stack of decadent health was delicious.  There was a good amount of chew and crumb finished off with a hint of fluffiness.  Moreover, I was grateful that the pancake itself was not too sweet, nor did it have that ‘oops I added too much baking soda’ bitterness.

@mighteee convinced me to add the Cocowhip, which I was initially hesitant to do. I thought that the pancakes should have been able to handle on their own, especially given that the Cocowhip was an ‘addition’ on the menu. Lo-and-behold, the stack really could have done without it. For those who aren’t partial to having icy things in the morning or are happy without a creamy element, then I say shirk the addition and enjoy the stack as it is (maple drizzled goodness) with a hot soy-chai instead. As a side note, I may be slightly biased in this respect as I’ve never been 100% sold on the Cocowhip craze.

 photo IMG_7869_zpsqbvggkcs.jpg

Lemon Ricotta Hotcake

For the non-vegans who aren’t keen on trying the Vegan Pancakes, fear not. This appeared to be an equally popular item of choice on the menu. It was pillowy and had a distinctive citrus taste according to @mighteee. Let’s be serious here, when one sees ricotta and hotcake in the same line, it is hard to go wrong.

Summer Coconut Bowl

After watching other diners struggle to eat the Chia Pot, @mighteee opted for the Summer Coconut Bowl.  There was a lot of fruit falling onto the table and Cocowhip dripping out of the Chia Pot Jar, which was slightly amusing.  However, we could feel the frustration.

I’d say this was reminiscent of a well-known Asian post-dinner dessert but made without all the added sugars (win!). Additionally, the aesthetically pleasing plating made it quite lovely.

Overall, Speedo’s Cafe is a must visit for those who wish to take in the Bondi Beach view and consume a colourful breakfast. If the health driven or more original dishes are not for you there are plenty of other choices such as the usual suspect eggs on toast.    Despite the crowds, service is efficient.  However, I would recommend arriving early to reserve a front-row seat of the beach and to avoid the weekend or (in my case) public holiday queues.  The only downside of the visit was not bumping into Hugh Jackman… but there is always next time (crosses-fingers).

It was a relaxing and lovely catch up with @mighteee, embracing all things Sydney.  It really makes me miss our time together even more when I’m back in Singapore.

Hope you all had a Merry Christmas!!

Ming xx

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