A New Era: The Century Grand Opening

There is always a feeling of warmth associated with the words “I remember when you were a baby…and look how grown up you are.”  It is truly amazing how quickly time flies when we see the changes that accompany it.

My appreciation of food and love of seafood can most likely be attributed to “The Golden Century Seafood Restaurant”.  From the time I was in Mama’s belly I was already being introduced to the world of good food – apparently the parentals were dining at Golden Century Seafood Restaurant twice a week!  I guess this also explains my slight obsession with seafood…

This ultimately led to the formation of a long and close friendship with the owners of the restaurant, Linda and Eric Wong, who became the godparents to both myself and Lil’ Bro.

I was privileged enough to attend the grand opening of “The Century” at the Star Casino and witness its birth into a prosperous business.  Today marked the beginning of a new era for Golden Century, a culmination of its development, change and strong familial contributions over its long history of success.  This is reflected in the creation and future of this new venture.

Creation: The restaurant was ingeniously designed by my godbrother, Alex, which truly takes the Golden Century brand and reframes it with a chic, modern setting.

Future: The establishment will be kept under the watchful eye and capable hands of my other godbrother, Billy, who I know will do an amazing job with the establishment!

What would a blog post be without a few snapshots of food?!  As per usual, the food provided by Golden Century never disappoints.  A few iconic dishes that perfectly define the cuisine of the restaurant were served cocktail style!

Golden Century is known for its fantastic seafood and what better way to express this than through Sydney’s freshest salmon sashimi?!  Kudos to the kitchen for the concept behind this canapé – bathing the sashimi in a soy sauce and wasabi mixture! With my major seafood loving tendencies, I lapped up this dish with Mama.

The famous Char Siew (BBQ Pork) was the next to make its appearance and was as succulent as ever with the ‘BBQ taste’ cutting through perfectly!  Are we starting to see how my mealtime upbringing in Golden Century transformed me into such a foodie?!

The five-spiced beef with pickled cucumber – a reflection of the genuinely top quality food developed over many years of glory at Golden Century.  With its unique flavour and moist beef, this one had Mama and I going back for more!

What’s more, the success and joy from this new venture was paralleled with a large philanthropic contribution of $40 000 to renowned neurosurgeon, Charlie Teo’s “Cure for Life Foundation”.  This is a truly inspiring feat that reminds us of the importance of spreading success and joy.  Golden Century has definitely set an example for us all!

I was so proud to see my Godparents take a step into a new generation of their restaurant’s history.  The restaurant will be under the watchful eye of my Godbrother Billy who I know will do an amazing job! The opening was a true celebration of the growth of their restaurant, from humble beginnings to a largely successful and famous business enjoyed by restaurateurs, top chefs, politicians and most importantly, families.

It was an event like this, with many familiar faces, that have become family, which made me realise how, although time passes, we still hold onto old memories and journeys as we enter new phases in our lives.

Congratulations to my wonderful godparents and everyone involved in this amazing restaurant/venture. I’m sure there are many more years of success to come from the Golden Century!


2 thoughts on “A New Era: The Century Grand Opening

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    Aww congratulations to your God Parents 🙂 What an exciting time it is for them. I love Golden Century so I don’t doubt The Century will be just as successfull xx

    1. helloitsming Post author

      Thanks so much Tina! Yeah they are very happy/excited…it’s been a long time coming now so they’re over the moon to see it become a reality! I’ll be sure to let them know that you’re a fan :). Let me know if you ever need to get a booking there 😉 xx


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