New Beginnings: The Milk Bar by Café Ish

New beginnings don’t necessarily mean that we forget the old – especially the good!  Instead, we can combine the revitalised and renewed self with the unique and original.

Firstly, a big congratulations to Josh and Ai on the opening of their new venture “The Milk Bar by Café Ish”!  Although my family and I were sad to see that our newly discovered weekend brunch/lunch spot would be shutting down, we were reassured that Café Ish would not be disappearing for good (phewwww!!).

In this new beginning, a simpler approach transformed café to retro/fun milk bar.  However, the original essence of Café Ish still lives on within this new concept in the form of the famous “soft shell crab omelette” and “ai’s freaking awesome fried chicken”!

Papa couldn’t stay away from the omelette and as usual it did not fail to impress.  He devoured it before I could even take a snapshot!

Mama and I went for the standard cheeseburger, adding different ‘twists’ to them.  I couldn’t stay away from adding the Japanese twist with a combination of crunchy pickles and a super unique and delicious wasabi mayo that cut through the heavy burger taste with an appetising hit whilst Mama opted for the classic tomato and lettuce addition.

As usual Lil’ Bro went for the largest option…*drum roll*….the TRIPLE CHEESEBURGER!!!!  Oh and don’t forget the fries on the side!  Where do all those calories go?!!

My auntie was in town, so of course I dragged her along to try out one of my favourite food spots in Sydney – a great reason to order more food!!  So, Mama, Auntie E and I decided to share fries with my much loved wasabi mayo and Ai’s Freaking Awesome Chicken with hot sauce.  The chips were indescribably good and oh so comforting in the dreary weather.  And  yes….I admit I sneakily sat there licking up that punchy hot sauce…

Before I had even finished up my savoury selection, Lil’ Bro was already making a move on deserts.  “Shake time?” he asked excitedly.

Something about chocolate makes one feel that all their problems can be fixed by its consumption and this “super choc” hit more than exceeded this feeling!  The “super choc shake” was ordered and glass emptied within the minute.  I still managed to sneak a sip before the whole thing disappeared into thin air and oh how sinfully delicious it was….chunks of Lindt chocolate sauce…milo….icecream…AND the leftovers that didn’t fit into the glass…HEAVEN!!

If that wasn’t already enough chocolate for Lil’ Bro he insisted that we share the Malteesers Tart after spotting it in Ish’s signature desert display.  There was no resisting this request on my part as the crunch of maltesers with the chocolate mousse and pastry send me into a happy happy place J.

After a few weeks without her favourite Café Ish Latte, Mama was displaying serious withdrawal symptoms.  Today, this was remedied by a double hit of lattes, which I of course snuck numerous sips of when she was engrossed in conversation with Auntie E!  The seriously good lattes may just have to be the cure for my heartbreak caused by the absence of my all time favourite coffee, the Wattle Maccacino, yet to appear on the new menu * tear *.  However, I felt completely reassured when the waitress told me that the signature drink would be making its reappearance in the near future.  Yipee!!

The Milkbar by Café Ish is only in their second week since re-locating but Josh and Ai’s new beginning and retro feel at this joint created by the new menu, funky juke box and deco, definitely has not forgotten or lost the greatness of the old, shown by the jam packed venue on a rainy Saturday!

So, my message to “The Milkbar by Café Ish”: Congratulations and all the best to your new beginning!!

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2 thoughts on “New Beginnings: The Milk Bar by Café Ish

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    I am utterly jealous that you got a piece of that malteaser pie! What was I thinking?? Oh wait, I was so full…. lol Isn’t it a great little place? So happy for Josh and Ai!

    1. helloitsming Post author

      Hehe. You know what they say about our eyes being bigger than the stomach! Lol. Yeah it’s really cute and
      fun! Really happy for them too 🙂 I admit I do miss some aspects of the surry hills joint *cough* risotto *cough* :P.


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