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Merry Christmas: Chopsuey, Singapore

Before, after and during… Ok maybe context is irrelevant……..

I spend an undisclosed amount of time trawling through #sgig, seeking out the latest must-try eating spots in the eclectic foodie scene of Singapore.

I spied a number of brunch and dinner posts featuring a new addition to the scene, Chopsuey, a new ‘East meets West’ concept restaurant established by the people behind P.S. Cafe.  For foodies unfamiliar with P.S. Cafe, there were originally three sites in Singapore, boasting to-die-for Truffle Fries, however one of their branches was transformed into Chopsuey.

Christmas Eve 2013 approached much faster than I expected it to and before in knew it I was completely behind in finding somewhere to celebrate…. Until I remembered this venue and made a last minute booking which was accommodated for efficiently!

Set in Dempsey Hill, an area of restored army barracks which is now home to many other interesting eating venues, the restaurant interior is truly unique.  High ceilings and an airy old-time bungalow accommodates for diners ranging from small to large groups with beautiful marble tables.

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Culinary Royalty: Guillaume at Bennelong

My first post! Let us start off with the pizzazz of Sydney’s food scene derived from its oxymoronic culinary delights! From dining at hatted restaurants to hole in the wall joints, each manages to deliver true satisfaction to the taste buds!  We begin with one end of the eclectic spectrum at the hatted Guillaume @ Bennelong.

It was the big one-eight for one of my close friends (Happy Birthday M!) and in true style, she chose to celebrate this milestone at this famous restaurant with a view. The evening began with pre-dinner drinks at the Shangrila… as we readied our stomachs for the true food connoisseur experience!

Walking up the Sydney Opera House stairs, I, or rather my appetite was bursting with anticipation, whet by those words glowing in gold.

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