The Waffle Dilemma – Revelry Cafe

revelry /ˈrɛvlri/ noun.
lively and noisy festivities, especially when these involve drinking a large amount of alcohol coffee.

Substitute the alcohol for coffee, throw in some good food and that would more or less be revelry to me.
Although I am slightly more partial to the pancake game, nothing can stop me from tracking down a place with a strong waffle game.  I had heard from a little birdie (@chaverry), that the Revelry waffle architecture is quite unique; superior levels of crisp with light and airy interiors.
For me, “How do you like your waffles?” evokes an equivocal reaction.
Chewy or airy innards?
Soft or crispy ‘shell’?

Not to mention the permutations of innard and shell characteristics! I stopped by Revelry Cafe nestled away in the Upper Bukit Timah residential area on the way home from picking up the ‘I’m running on 3 hours of sleep’ brother from his ‘duties’.  I am unashamed to say that the visit was solely to devour waffles.

One is welcomed into the cafe by a giant multi-coloured ‘wall-elephant’ (I didn’t snap a photo of this!), rising true to the ‘lively’ theme of the cafe.  The interior is spacious and bright with an impressive miniature aerial garden out the back.  While aesthetics of a cafe are definitely not everything but a welcoming and comfortable space can make all the difference to the overall experience.

I was quite ready to dive into a fine meal, especially when the card-like menus were presented; I always find these little details and quirks add a little precedence to the forthcoming meal.

10 out of 10 on the predictability scale, I will direct attention to the coffee game. Mum and Lil’ Bro decided not to participate but my curiosity always gets the better of me. The cappuccino was one of the better cups I’ve had; well balanced and not too acidic.

I’m not one for crazy savoury waffles and always opt for the less likely to disappoint sweet versions.  Our savouries were diverted to the pasta menu, from which Lil’ Bro chose the ‘Summer Salsa Pasta‘ and mum and I, the ‘Truffle Oil Mushroom Pasta’. As per our warning, Lil’ Bro’s choice was not exactly fitting to his taste buds; think a tomato base with an Asian spice combination, which I myself regretted not ordering!  I have a feeling the lighter sauce may have been too health driven for his liking.

I had expected the Truffle Oil Mushroom Pasta to be ‘aglio olio’ style, with the menu citing only a ‘sprinkle of parmesan’, but how wrong I was.  It was more a ‘cabonara’, which I usually veer away from to avoid a cream overload.  “Luckily it’s not too rich,” I told mum, with a tinge of disappointment.  Looking on the bright side of things, the pasta was cooked al dente, which is important criteria for our pasta rating scale. Luckily I hadn’t placed all my hopes on the savouries and put my faith in the waffle to come.

The ‘Fly Me to Mars’ is a trip starting with a supremely crispy and light waffle, engaging in light hearted wanted with torched marshmallows, ending at the final destination with a spam of (semi-) melted Mars Bars and an ice-cream styled ‘welcome’ on arrival. “Why ‘semi’ melted?” you may ask.  I was expecting that oozing caramel and chocolate to embrace the waffle, but alas it did not.  This is not to say that the combination of Mars Bar and waffle was wrong, but a more complete ‘melt’ probably would have allowed for less of the confectionary overload, which overpowered any reminiscent flavour of the waffle itself.

Most people may be used to the ‘richer’ type of Buttermilk Waffle and this was quite the antithesis of the mentioned.  Think a toned down butter content and flavour with less ‘filling’.  This may be for some but not for all.  If one has preference for a more easily digestible waffle, this may just what you’ve been looking for.

I now believe that on the occasion of waffle consumption, I am on Team Buttermilk (Crispy and Chewy).  That is not to say that Revelry isn’t creating a mean waffle, but I think my tastebuds are driven towards less toppings and the enjoyment of plain waffle…weird…I know. Perhaps the savoury selection would have been a better option, as I can imagine how the Revelry waffle has the subtle enough flavour to work well with the cheeses or fried chickens of the world.

This quieter joint in the suburban west is worth a visit with a crazy group of friends or just for a quiet weekend meal with the family.


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