#crazycousincatchups @ Stateland Cafe + Loysel’s Toy

♪♫ Daylight – Matt and Kim

Since moving to Singapore, my cousin @yuushann and I have had schedules of oxymoronic natures. During my busiest working days she would be on a leisurely university break, when my working days came to an end I hopped over to Sydney and her crazy assignment period coincided with my return to Singapore.

That being said, our catch-ups were limited to the weekend ‘fall-in’ at our Ah Ma’s house.

A few weeks ago I realised that my period of freedom was running short and   @yuushann and I still were yet to adventure through Singapore together, after having discussed the idea numerous times. We had just picked her up from her MRT stop when I made the executive decision that we NEEDED to ‘diary it’.

Note to self: ‘diary it’ more often and more efficiently when ideas are brought up

Meeting Place: Bugis MRT

In true SG style we were ready to eat!

Destination point one was Stateland Café. The Bugis/Lavender area has been @yuushann’s usual haunt since young and mine since I moved over to Singapore due to many of my favourite spots being located in the area and it being conveniently located a short bus ride away from my hood! – an apt idea to explore an area which we were familiar with yet hadn’t reached the heart of!

Stateland has been making the rounds on the world of instagram and we had both heard about their famous Honey Toast and Waffles.

For those who have yet to visit Stateland, don’t be shocked by its petite stature. The space is small and I think ‘cave-like’ would be an appropriate description, as lighting is rather dim.

We chose the Laksa Benedict as our savoury item as @yuushann has decided to hop onto the ‘Benedict’ band wagon after being a ‘Scrambled’ individual. After watching a bowl of the Mentaiko Aglio Olio drift past we were second-guessing our decision. The Laksa flavour was present at first and @yuushann said it felt like we were eating ‘ang-moh’ food but it wasn’t really ‘ang-moh ang-moh’…this landed me in stitches. As we made our way through the dish, the laksa flavour was fast to disappear and I felt quite a sour or vinegar-like flavour in the dish. The eggs were poached with flowing innards but there was something that just wasn’t sitting right, which I think may have been the sour taste mentioned.

After some thought, we decided to forgo the Waffle selection for the ‘Tan’ Honey Toast. Now, if one has a lacking or ‘decayed’ sweet tooth I would definitely give this a miss. The charcoal toast is crispy on the outsides with pillowy innards, but the marshmallow liquid may be too much for the light-hearted to handle. Luckily, @yuushann and I who hate to see food go to waste, were quite bold on the day and powered through the dish. The coconut ice cream and caramelised walnuts were welcomed components. Strangely, I found that the ice cream neutralised the initial sugar hit.  Or maybe, it is that positive feedback loop they taught us in third year biochemistry, which leads us to crave more sugar following sugar consumption… intriguing…

Regarding caffeine consumption, I ordered my usual Cappucino while @yuushaan adventured to the cold land of ‘iced’ drinks and had herself an Iced Toffee Nut Latte. I admit to being spoilt for choice with coffee in Sydney and the awesome brews I’ve found at a few spots in Singapore. This Cappucino was not dominated with milk and foam but wasn’t my favourite of all time, so I wouldn’t be running back to Stateland just for their coffee.

Destination point two was Loysel’s Toy. After my visit to Chye Seng Huat the week before, I think I was well prepared to try their ‘daughter’ café. @yuushaan had been encouraging me to check out this riverside hide-away for some time and her friend was on shift that afternoon, so there was no better time to visit!

Given the choice between sitting on a bus or MRT and walking, I always choose walking. One really is able to see and appreciate more when on foot. I had never completely observed the Kallang River before and was thankful that we chose to walk from Bali Lane to Kampong Bugis as I took in the views of the river in the foreground and the stadium loitering in the back.

It would be unfair to provide an opinion of the food and beverage at this pitstop as we were called for a last minute family dinner and knew that saving stomach room would be the ‘sensible’ thing to do (see how mature I am Mum? :P). I opted for a bitey Macchiato, @yuushaan a refreshing Iced Lemon Tea and an almost bite sized Banana Crumble was split. I would be interested to revisit for other items on their coffee menu, as I didn’t feel the one-sip Macchiato really gave me too good an indication of whether I was a Loysel’s Toy coffee fan.

We both enjoyed the Banana Crumble… especially the crumble…damn why does it always happen that way…? The cake was fresh and a good choice for our curious taste-buds but sensible stomachs hehe.

Loysel’s Toy was a welcome escape from the hustle and bustle of the Bugis and Kampong Glam area and somewhere I could see myself enjoying conversation with good friends or even taking time out to relax. They have quite an extensive menu with all-day brunch items, which sound rather tempting too!

‘Twas a crazy fun outing and the perfect cousin catch-up, hopefully something that we will continue to make time for even after I start university.

Ming xx



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