hello from the other side…& RONIN.

♪♫ talk me down – troye sivan

Hello… its Ming… I was wondering after this year you’d like to meet … *cue Adele*

Given the time I have been absent in this space, I am feeling rather guilty.  I’m not going to try and explain my way out of this.

I have spent the past year on a very different journey.  The first year of law school has been one of the most challenging and fulfilling yet – a new academic realm in a different country.  I never thought that I would be pushed to think in such different ways and be encouraged to ‘push back’ and counter-analyse even the most promising of propositions.  More importantly, it was accomplished with the support of good fwwweends that I made along the way.

Within the hustle of the crazy year, I was guilty of postponing foodie outings.  I stuck to the ‘usual suspects’ for comfort and goodness.  Since, the academic year has ended and summer has begun much adventuring has to be made up for!  The foodie-ventures began with the OG9 Gang (the orientation group of cool peeps who were put together during lawsku matriculation week) at Ronin.

Ronin is one of the four cafe’s opened by the masterminds behind the new kid on the block, Punch.  It has earned its standing for having one of the red-dot’s best scrambled egg renditions.  Prior to discussions with some of my fellow foodies, Ronin had not been pinned to my must-try list.  Over the year, I quickly ensured that it would be a post-exam destination.

 photo 9E702365-D35D-460C-86EF-3C14A33FA933_zpsvyvce655.jpg photo E08C24A4-F005-4769-9707-B45E0BF8AEF4_zpsfswo9zp0.jpg
Like its siblings, owned by @vincteng and designed by @phaybulous, Ronin exists behind elusive doors with no sign-board.  One could easily walk past without realising the existence of this brunch haven.  In fact, the early birds of our group watched the late comers walk confusingly up and down Hong Kong Street before running out to end their futile search and fill their (and our) stomachs ASAP.

 photo 559F3122-EB1F-4254-AB23-C52706461D99_zpscjr7wmqh.jpg photo 287250EE-FACD-4BE3-99F8-DF58858AB838_zpsyniey5jm.jpg photo 265C6EE7-6A0C-4185-B8F5-CABA3C59B443_zpsqkemqcqv.jpg
Now, onto the foodie attractions.  As mentioned, Ronin is known for its scrambled eggs.  Unsurprisingly, almost all of us ordered some combination of the ‘build-it-yourself’ scrambled egg combination.  In my humble option there are two roads to scrambled egg perfection.  The first is the uber creamy kind where ‘egg’ is the word.  The second requires a ‘shared stage’ when cheese begins to play a supporting role.  There’s really no way to describe the Ronin signature other than silky-smooth and creamy.  Mild in flavour, for most it is the epitome of the former description of the perfect scrambled egg.  If you’re looking for a very punchy and cheesy scramble, then this won’t be for you.  However, I was more than content and this scramble has definitely made the “favourites’ list”

Other than their scrambled eggs, there is a variety of sandwiches, french toast and granola.  There’s nothing pretentious about the menu – just simple goodness suited for breakfast, brunch or lunch.

 photo EFF0A37E-F3BE-4CDD-B025-FFB3983F0015_zpsab5zr3md.jpg
The drinks are a whole other ball game of awesome.  After much insta-stalking I had my heart set on the Iced Matcha-Tone.  Since, I’ve always enjoyed the Soy Matcha combo, I opted to sub for soy milk – no regrets there!  Here comes the boy-girl dichotomy.  The girls were quite infatuated with the aesthetics and taste of the Matcha-Tone, although the guys didn’t really appreciate it to the same level (what can I say.. so weird..).  Nevertheless, it was the perfect drink for the Singapore heat – not too sweet and with a distinct flavour from that awesome Matcha paste.  I was quite sad that I didn’t get to try their other signature drink, the ‘Wicked’ (minted mocha).  However, there is always next time!

With the dim-lighting and rustic charm of the space, one might almost forget that they are in Singapore.  Coupled with great food, drinks and company I could spend hours at Ronin.  

Shout-out to @vincteng for explaining the menu to us and for being super accomodating and letting our table of six chill until the crazy downpour outside had subsided.

Before I my return to Ronin, I have since made a beeline for a Punch visit (post to come!), which a different space altogether!

It definitely is good to be back in the blogging-zone.

Until next time!

Ming x


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