sydney snaps [pt 1]: nostalgia @ devon on danks.

♪♫ eyes wide – handsome ghost, whole doubts

 photo 6AA6E9FF-07F4-4C74-BECA-D91DF5CB07BB_zpseualaol7.jpg

Despite there always being an innate wanderlust, contentment and excitement awaits in Sydney.

 photo AC93AA5E-995C-4F35-826D-9A484681A872_zpsc90xitxu.jpg
 photo DD60E64A-B0EC-4ACA-8547-95BCCFDB23C5_zpsmsyqnmal.jpg

Travelling to Sydney provides comfort in its familiarity and excitement in its changes.  Moments into the car ride from the airport, the old construction sites are now completed.  Not to mention, all the pre-trip updates on Sydney-life from friends and the world of instagram.

This trip was slightly different in the sense that there was no endless checklist for the latest hotspots but a month to catch up with friends, return to our favourite places and savour the freshest produce (ahem… sashimi perhaps) characterising the foodie scene.

Upon touchdown we made a stop-off at Devon on Danks (Danks) for brunch.

My final year of uni and subsequent Sydney trips have been speckled with visits to Devon… the Surry Hills ‘Real McCoy’ – one of my fondest memories being sharing a simple Egg & Bacon Roll with my mum with a side of the absolute best fries of all time (and of course coffee).  The atmosphere at Danks is different to say the least.  Picture a high ceilings, a slower pace and a bar which is churning out the most wonderful of soft serves.  Nevertheless, there remains in Danks a nostalgic excitement that is ingrained in a Devon experience.

 photo 742BAAF8-3B30-4F1E-8268-69439E9FD9F9_zpshfj1dmk4.jpg

Being Dad’s inaugural Devon-ish experience, he acquiesced to my strong recommendation of the signature Breakfast with the Sakumas.  

 photo 7EEA9FEC-C0CD-417B-807B-BCF3D4C44603_zpsjbobai0h.jpg
 photo 98EE2F1E-033A-4EC3-9113-C21B521B48ED_zpsp7y9ch0f.jpg

Mum and LM tackled but were sadly defeated by the rich and meaty Breakfast Burger.  Unbeknownst to their post-flight sleepy heads, it was not simply a mushroom patty with a fried egg!  Nevertheless, its accompanying fries were devoured whole heartedly.

 photo D0B40C2B-BCF3-4048-9567-E69FA958E0E8_zpsk4slowno.jpg
 photo 6B818168-9A63-445E-8538-F7B15F8F55EA_zpshzvhydbs.jpg

For me, I can never resist their seasonal Little Lost Bread (dream-worthy French Toast) offerings.  From the original peanut buttery goodness, I remain a loyal fan.  At the moment, the Danks rendition is that of the Zen – what looks and sounds like a match(a & yuzu) made in heaven… see what I did there…?

However, the most helpful manager recommended that I try something even more unique – Truffle French Toast.

 “Excuse me, but could you repeat that…?”

 photo C1206BF3-4AC0-4AC2-9896-6757EE5F2AAF_zps59qw4n95.jpg photo 1AE133F8-B976-436C-9577-B82AD96B6E1A_zpsmvdyuarh.jpg

One mouthful and I was sent into truffle & vanilla cloud-nine.  The familiar perfection of the French Toasted Brioche had transported me back to that first Little Lost Bread I sampled – crispy exteriors with chewy and pull-apart innards.  However, it really was the play on truffle – shavings, jelly, cream – bonding with its unlikely (in my mind) friend, vanilla & ricotta, which weaved the magic.

 photo 7551B0E8-B566-4A82-ADE2-32ED0547EFBB_zpstaolzech.jpg

If the entire experience could not be any better, we were treated to a sample of their beautifully smooth vanilla soft serve with truffle shavings.  My my my… I proceeded to dip the fries into it like a giggly child on their McDonalds treat day.

I shall say nothing more but … perfection… and I encourage all earthlings who happen to be in Sydney to try this creation before truffle season ends.

 photo 5e4f4723-b97d-441f-9a15-78dd8ae57a57_zpskqmbvxaj.jpg

Oh and hey, they serve a mean coffee too for those who relish a fruity and acidic blend!  (pictured is Mum’s Flat White) If you know me, I still prefer a full bodied, chocolatey, nutty base but a little change is welcomed now and then.

Sadly, this truffle-filled post must come to an end. However, it brings back the memories of a fantastic and full-tummied start to a special Sydney trip followed by a sneaky stroll to a kitchen display room for some redesigning inspiration.

 photo 14559967-E6E3-4184-8303-AE8A447C384D_zps5pfkujhr.jpg
Keep on trufflin’… until next time!

Ming x

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