Hyde & Co. – An Education

♪♫ Aftermath – Muse

Today, I still have a vivid memory of Mum telling my pre-school aged self not to be so shy around people.

Thus, my friends and family have come to know me to have two very different characters;

– the shy, quiet and serious or

– the chatterbox

the latter of which I think I have come to assume more often over the years.  Given this, I have developed an appreciation for meeting people in different professions, from different countries or experiencing different phases of life.

After taking my longest hiatus from study since I trotted into kindergarten with cartoon-character lunchbox in hand, it has become even clearer to me that education extends beyond the classroom or lecture theatre and those we are fortunate enough to cross paths and share experiences with can be the best teachers of all.

After some time, rescheduling (my recent bout of the flu was not kind) I was finally able to meet up with the very talented photographer, writer and soon to be university student, @chaverry. This girl has been doing what she does best on the social media circuit since she was fifteen, which is pretty amazing, given that I did not enter the blogosphere until the end of high school. I’m not too sure whether it is what we have in common (food-hunters, coffee drinkers, incoming students of the same university) or our differences (growing up in different countries, differences in age, different degrees), which has resulted in our extended brunch/lunch dates. Regardless, I have learnt much from this effervescent pocket rocket about the world of digital media, life in Singapore, cooking, baking and the list continues.

After some insta-stalking we decided to make a trip to the new hot-spot on the Singapore café scene, Hyde & Co..

One of the first things mentioned by @chaverry was “This place is very Kinfolk”; quite a fitting description for the all-white interiors and clean lines with a rustic touch. For those of you who are unaccustomed with Kinfolk, it is a ‘slow lifestyle’ magazine, which searches for and provides ways to simplify life as reflected in its minimalistic layouts – instagrammers are likely to see shots of this magazine pop up on their feed. I admit that I don’t own an edition of Kinfolk, but am always giddy at the creative and clean front-covers.

We started off with the Speedy Gonzales, a creamy scramble with a very enjoyable 6 hour slow cooked pulled-pork. Normally I’m not intensely keen on pulled-pork, but after hearing the reviews on this dish it was on the must-order list and had me a converted pulled-pork fan.

On arrival we were told to our dismay that the waffle batter wasn’t ready but @chaverry and I were determined to battle through the wait for the chef to give the ‘OK’ before we were officially introduced to the highly raved about Butterscotch Waffles. Waffles are one of those items for which enjoyment factor comes down to personal preference; crispy, chewy and so forth. I can say that I enjoyed the slightly crispy exterior and chewy innards of this batch, but to each their own! The popcorn was a fun addition visually and texturally but I had much love for the butterscotch syrup, which had me thinking of sticky date pudding, crunchy bars and all things awesome.

@chaverry and I both ordered the Shakerato to qualm our coffee needs. “Shakerato? What is this sorcery,” you may ask? Imagine an iced espresso shot which has a layer of cappuccino like foam. An espresso shot is shaken, not stirred (sorry I had to!) with ice and syrup until the components come together in an ‘alchemical reaction’ to create the Shakerato. I think it may have been slightly too sweet for our taste buds, especially as @chaverry is a hardcore straight black coffee individual, but again, beauty is in the eye (or in this case the tastebuds) of the beholder.

Oh and non-coffee drinkers and tea appreciators need not fear as Hyde & Co. has an extensive artisanal tea menu, with crazy sounding infusions!

Sharing our experiences and perspectives and listening to those of others provides an opportunity to learn the strangest or most useful ideas and lessons.   Meeting up with @chaverry is always pleasure as I learn crazy new things from our long conversations. Also, a big thank you to this talented soul for editing the shots for the post!  One thing is for sure, we will be making full use of our numbered weeks of freedom until university shenanhttps://helloitsming.wordpress.com/2015/07/11/hyde-co-an-education/igans begin.

So as they say, Mum is always right and I am thankful for that stern “don’t be so shy”. Without those simple yet wise words I don’t think I would have learnt nearly as much as I have from my school to post-uni ‘education’.

Ming xx


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