‘Foodie Challenge’ Round-Up: Sydney (May/June 2015)

♪♫ Chocolate – The 1975

If one didn’t know any better and happened to scroll through my instagram, they would most likely make the inference that I spent 10 days in Sydney eating and doing nothing else. They wouldn’t be entirely correct but in no way would I say they were completely wrong either. With the days I spent waiting for ‘pending’ or ‘processing’ paperwork, I was determined to meet up with as many of my friends as possible; a corollary of this being the copious amount of coffees and brunches which came into existence.  There really is no better way to catch up with someone than over a relaxing brunch. Additionally, many of my foodie friends were enthusiastically recommending all of the ‘must-try’ hot-spots and dishes which I had better add onto my list before I left. Without further ado, the food ‘log’ shall be revealed…. *inhale*

                                                1. Indigo – Double Bay (Reunited with my all time favourite Coconut Bircher Muesli, my final exam survival aid //Yes…the bircher was served in a coconut..I kid you not)
                                                2. Little Jean – Double Bay (x2) (Passionfruit Meringue Tart, all baked goods, Chai Latte was all kinds of awesome)
                                                3. The Book Kitchen – Surry Hills (Bircher Muesli, House-baked muffins)
                                                4. Cafe Sopra – Walsh Bay (Lasagne babbbyyy)
                                                5. Sciue Sciue – Double Bay (Machiavelli off-shoot with great Italian-fare but be prepared for the crowd and noise!)
                                                6. Devon Cafe – Surry Hills (Aphrodite’s Bowl, Breakfast with the Sakumas)

                                                7. Cafe Cre Asion – Surry Hills (Scrambled Eggs, House Salad and THAT Matcha Fondant)
                                                8. Knickknack Cafe – Surry Hills/Sydney CBD (Healthy and nutritious sweets, lunch and slow-press juice)
                                                9. Aqua S – Sydney CBD (The hottest soft-serve in town …mmmm sea salt x black sesame)
                                                10. Black Star Pastry – Newtown (Strawberry Watermelon Cake w Rose-Scented Cream)

                                                11. John Montagu – Woolloomooloo (Everything on the menu sounded and looked en pointe…post to come)

                                                12. Flour & Stone – Woolloomooloo (I now have a love for Lamingtons….never thought it would happen)
                                                13. Azoto Liquid Nitrogen – Chinatown (…was convinced by Dad)
                                                14. Mister Gee’s Burger Truck – Haberfield (a one-hour long wait in the cold and a good burger)
                                                15. Hotel Centennial – Paddington (Deconstructed Cottage Pie….)
                                                16. Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously – Central (An interesting menu but coffee was more impressive!)

                                                17. Orto Trading Co. – Surry Hills (x2) (A great space with perfect poached eggs)
                                                18. Additional hole in the wall Thai and Japanese restaurants….

…and breathe….

Being able to explore Sydney at my leisure and with the best possible company was a welcome change to me (the one who neglected adventuring to many of the up and coming eateries during the final year of university), making this trip rather memorable.

I had an interesting communication with a fellow instagrammer who commented that “cafes in Sydney tend to accentuate their diversity in modern cuisine, whereas in SG we tend to be uniform.  Devon and Devon-on-Danks, though in close proximity, offer a different menu”.

I agree that cafe culture is very diverse in Sydney and places like Devon make my visits to Sydney all the more special.  What is important to remember however, is the cultural diversity in places such as Malaysia and Singapore, which over time have developed into the ‘melting-pots’ of Asian cuisines.

Some individuals prefer the great abundance of cafes while others are very much taken by the hustle and bustle of Asia.  To me, ‘the grass is always greener on the other side’ type of experience would be another explanation, the reason for which I am so blessed to be able to call both Sydney and Singapore home, even if sometimes one is more permanent than the other.

Ming xx


2 thoughts on “‘Foodie Challenge’ Round-Up: Sydney (May/June 2015)

  1. samanthawxlow

    You are amazing.. at making me crave Sydney right now when we’re both out of the country! Your Instagram feed continues to amaze me as well, I like how all the photos have a similar style. Mine just looks like a mess, I have no eye for detail!


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