“Everything Before Us” – Wong Fu Productions

♪♫ My Dear – Kina Granis

A different kind of post today….

Wong Fu Marathons.

There.  I said it.

Apart from spending time with friends and family, Wong Fu Marathons have been my ‘go-to’ post exam activity.  I was introduced to this YouTube channel by Lil’ Bro just before my final high school exams.  Yes, a high risk situation, I was able to maintain enough self control and avert any major procrastination.

Post-exams, I was hooked and ‘tradition’ has been observed from then onwards.

If you haven’t already heard about Wong Fu Productions, allow me to do the honours.  It is a three- man American film making group, with their primary mode of delivery being YouTube.  A majority of their videos feature non-stereotypical or caricature-like Asians, which is a refreshing change and possibly part of the reason for their success.

Over the years, their ‘shorts’ (short films) have evolved from the simple and fun uploads to very well crafted works.  One thing that Lil’ Bro and I agree on is that regardless of story-line, the Wong Fu cinematography is well executed.  The angles, panning, transitions and colour tones can draw one in before the story has come into full play. Oh and it always helps when they have an awesome soundtrack!!

Everything Before Us is the first Wong Fu full length feature film.  Staying true to the successful genre drama/romance/comedy, the film looks at two couples, their evolution and their future.  In both a reflection on the consequences of our choices it highlights the change in course that can be taken, no matter how unorthodox to right a wrong or to find peace.

This is achieved by the metaphorical Department of Emotional Integrity.  The couples exist in a fictional society where the DEI holds each individual accountable for their actions via an Emotional Integrity (EI) Score; actions including relationship dynamics.  What this construct has done is to cause choices to be made based on maximising the EI score, much like ‘social status’.  The guys at Wong Fu look at how far ‘human nature’ can surpass these societal constructs and whether we always play ‘by the book’.

Although, I wouldn’t say that the storyline is out of this world, with the token moments of cheesiness coming to play a number of times, especially between the younger of the two couples, I very much enjoyed the concept of the film.  Again the cinematography was great; even better than usual, while still retaining the simple and effective ‘Wong Fu style’.

If you’re familiar with Randall Park from the television show ‘Fresh off the Boat’ or the banned film ‘The Interview’, you will be pleased to see him play role in as an awkward DEI officer.

A recommended watch for Wong Fu fans, potential Wong Fu fans or those who want to observe some good cinematography.

Take a look at the Wong Fu channel on You Tube for some laughs and feel good movies like Away We Happened.

Everything Before Us can be bought here or streamed on Vimeo by rental/purchase.

Until next time!

Ming x


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