‘Where to next?’ – 2015 Update

♪♫ Heart of Life – John Mayer

Well hello empty space.

EEEK… I admit that my posting this year has been appalling and I won’t try to make any more excuses other than to say that it has been a more eventful and crazy 2015 than I had anticipated.

Over the past six months I officially graduated and had a taste of the work force. Before I knew it, I was accepting my dream university offer in Singapore and bidding farewell to work life.

It is rather funny how things unravel…
–> Since high school I had my mind set on pursuing medicine.
–> At the end of 2014 I had my mind set on taking 2015 to work in Singapore.
–> My relocation to Singapore has evolved into something more permanent
I can safely call this wonderful city home for this next phase of life
–> I am embarking an entirely different course of study in Singapore to pursue another dream and

Who knows where it will lead me….

While somewhat premature, I have in some ways figured out my ‘where to next?’ ….for now.

Ahem, back to the blogging…I can’t claim that I was so overwhelmingly busy that I had no time for helloitsming but it was in some ways a good time to sort through the ‘head spin’ and consider what direction I wanted to wander down for the next few years.

With this came two trips to Sydney, the first being for graduation and the latter, which was rather last minute, I have just returned from.

This was one of the most productive and dare I say fun trips I have had in a long while. There were:

          1. Meetings (probably the most mundane but purposeful part of the trip)
          2. Coffee – I should have put this as (1) as it is of course a requirement before I even consider meetings in post-travel winter weather
          3. Friends – I was truly blessed to have been able to catch up with my high school and university ‘peeps’, who took time out of their crazy lives to see me ❤
          4. Chance meetings – without even trying I was bumping into people from the day I arrived in Sydney, who I thought I wouldn’t be able to see during my trip…. awesome 🙂
          5. Food – celebration for being able to ‘log’ down a number of places hot on the Sydney foodie hit-list!
          6. Drivers Qualification Test – watch out …I am now a full fledged driver!
          7. Inspired to write again – after meeting up with the wonderful @eilxrrr_ and @samanthawxlow and taking some time off I was enticed to re-enter blogger mode after my ‘lull’ period
          8. More food… – I think I will have to make a separate post on this…

Until the next post, enjoy the insta-squares which follow :). I have my fingers and toes crossed that I’ll be more consistent with blogging in the coming months!

Oh and also something new!  If you’ve known me since primary school, music has been a big part of my life and while my violin and orchestra days aren’t so prominent now, I still fill my day with a good soundtrack.  Keep a look out for what I’m listening to at the top of my post :).  (yes…I have more loves than food hehe)

Ming xx

Coffee love // Cafe Morso brunch spread // GRADUATION! //
Breakfast with @samanthawxlow // Graduation flowers from a cutie // Cre Asion Cafe //
When Lil’ Bro becoming a 2nd Lieutenant (so proud) // Little Jean Breakfast // Health attempt with oats in a jar (…i tried)//

SNG to SYD (mandatory airport shot) // Post-flight breakfast @ Indigo, Double Bay // The Book Kitchen, Surry Hills//
Devon Cafe-Aphrodite’s Bowl (omg) // World Famous Watermelon Cake – Black Star Pastry // beautiful @waan_naka of @knickknack_cafe//
Haven Tailoring Coffee Joyously // hottest thangg in Syd: Mister-Gee Burger Truck (post-1hr wait) // Little Jean with my beautiful P //

Orto Trading Co. // Cre Asion #yolo with @eilxrrr_ // 
Driving ‘round town … (queue CeeLo) //
SYD to SG (same flight but a brand new journey)// Flashback – just in time for Mum’s birthday // Morning in Singapore //
My favourite SG spot (Tolido’s Espresso Nook)// Red Velvet Pancakes – Tolido’s // Mum’s birthday (pan)cake – Tolido’s//


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