Snapshots of Silly Season

From the build up to Christmas, to the interlude between Christmas and New Year and to the ushering in of the New Year, food and family festivities are without a doubt abundant. With Lil’ Bro flying in and out of Singapore, I enjoyed my first mother-daughter Christmas before my entire family was reunited in its full form to call in 2015.

I thought I would round up some of my festive season highlights before 2015 really takes off!

Christmas Day
The latest addition to my family was the star of Christmas Day 2014 and we spent most of our lunch fawning over ‘baby-talk and -giggles’.  I decided to undertake the role of dessert provider and spent the week prior to Christmas looking for ‘Eton Mess’ components.  My original plan to make my own meringue was short-lived due to my baking essentials being left in Sydney and I was unable to find any pre-made crispy gems on my scavenger hunt.  Luckily, Mum saved the day by deciding that we should ‘redesign’ the ‘Eton Mess’ with honeycomb crunch and cream cheese ice cream to substitute the meringue and usual mascarpone/cream component – it is just a ‘mess’ of deliciousness after all!

New Year’s Eve: My photographic tendencies were very much lacking (tsk tsk) but it was indeed refreshing not be the avid photographer of the evening.  Foodie comment on this event – Midnight McDonalds Run…that’s all there is to be said.

New Year’s Day
2015 was welcomed with a cool breeze, rain and a New Year’s family Yum Cha booked at CHIJMES, a historic venue in Singapore which I was eager to visit.  Luckily enough, the rain subsided by the end of our meal and we explored the grounds of white heritage buildings and green lawns.

I hope you all had a fun, happy, delicious, dessert-filled silly season!  Before you now it, the next one will have arrived!

Ming x


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