Final Sydney Post of 2014: Rushcutters Restaurant and Market Place

A final post on Sydney brunch for 2014…

It took me a significant amount of persuasion in order to convince my Dad to leave his study for a final Sydney brunch together.  After my first dining experience at Rushcutters for a friend’s 21st, the birthday girl herself (Hey Pip!) had me determined to revisit the cafe/restaurant/market place for brunch.

I must admit that I am susceptible to the luring decor and ambience of any dining location.  The high warehouse like ceilings and floor-to-ceiling glass panels created a spacious and almost al-fresco atmosphere.

I had seen enough #instafood posts of the Beetroot Bircher Muesli, there was no questioning what I would order.  This was a strangely wonderful combination of flavours, not to mention the photogenic colour provided by the beetroot.  Light on the palette, this was a perfect (healthier) brunch option (…but truly, when it comes to brunch, who’s worried about that?!)

Rebelling against my recommendations of ordering the pancakes, Dad decided upon the Savoury Egg Toast with Cured Trout.  I can’t quite remember the price tag on this dish, but it was rather hefty. Unfortunately the toast was soggy and didn’t have the crunch of toasted plain sourdough which would have better complimented the trout.

Luckily, the coffee did not disappoint and had the morning ‘kick’ that I was looking for.

On my way out I noticed many other desserts and cold-pressed juices in their display, perfect for on-the-go individuals!

Rushcutters on Urbanspoon

Note: Sadly, as I was searching for the Rushcutters’ menu to make sure I was correctly identifying dishes, it was revealed that the venue had closed down!

Ming xx


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