Paramount Coffee Project: Life happenings with a side of brunch

Hello desolate space…apologies for the prolonged hiatus. As per usual university ‘nerding’ was to blame. The final semester of degree was nothing short of exhausting and stressful but I can very happily say that those days are now behind me! Following my final set of exams I indulged in a glorious period of brunching with friends before the highly anticipated arrival of my mother who I have missed dearly.   A hectic week of packing ensued. ‘Why?’ You may ask.

After much thought and changes of heart I finally decided to take the leap of faith <insert that unforgettable scene in How I Met Your Mother where they leap onto the neighboring apartment roof top>

…and venture over to Singapore for one year of work.

Now that all crazy shenanigans have ended I can rekindle my love for this blog, which is in dire need of some TLC.  So hello again … but from Singapore!

Over the past year my foodie appetite was stunted due to much time devoted to study thus I was determined to tick off a number of places on my ‘wish-list’ yet to be tried. Let us start with my trip to the famously instagrammed Paramount Coffee Project in Surry Hills.

My dear friend Queen P was visiting from Thailand and for the first time in three years the stars finally aligned and we were able to embark on a chat-, food- and retail-filled day. Queen P is one of those friends that exudes a confidence and energy that is truly wonderful to be in the presence of, much like Queen B(eyonce) herself and a perfect fit for the vivacious environment of PCP. Located in the previous Paramount Film Offices in Surry Hills, the high ceilings and infiltrating sunshine generated a fantastic ambience.

We started with cappuccinos – my first coffee since I weaned off for exams. While not my favorite in Sydney, I enjoyed the subtle tones of the roast… Oh how I had missed this!

We scoured the menu for the most ‘out-there’ item. I sensed that the Green Eggs and Ham on Waffle slightly too different for our taste buds and Queen P’s attention had been caught by the Shashushka. As per the ‘Asian-style’ we shared this delicious dish with her mandatory side of avocado as wait for it… avocados are hard to come by in Thailand <gasp!>. I loved the fresh and slightly acidic flavours of this dish – much welcomed as opposed to richer egg concoctions. However I did find it to be quite salty (not necessarily in bad way) so we found that another slice of crisp toast was needed.  Note: the side of avo was a great balance to neutralize the saltiness too!

After the copious instagram scouting I knew that the toasted brioche with poached blueberries and ricotta cheese was the next to order! Queen P and I thoroughly enjoyed the crispy yet pillowy brioche which was not too buttery, complimented by the natural sweetness of the blueberries. The ricotta brought together the components perfectly, leaving us two very full and happy friends.

A wonderful brunch followed by a slow walk to the city with glorious company made for a great post-exam outing. Three years apart and times with Queen P were just as hilarious and awesome as they were before…from our embarrassing lip-syncing and listing out the best looking actors to long chats and laughs over life, good things don’t change. PCP is a great space to enjoy the company of good friends accompanied by a delicious breakfast or brunch affair. C

A must try for Sydney siders and visitors.

On a more sombre note, my thoughts and prayers are with all affected by the siege in Sydney.  It’s hard to believe that the city which I was born and raised in experienced such a frightening and tragic ordeal.

Keep safe.

Ming x


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