Winter ‘Chills’: Devon Cafe

The end of semester arrived after what felt like an endless three weeks of study and exams.

Third year has definitely provided its challenges and pressure is most definitely mounting – as my Pharmacology lecturer expresses, “You guys are on the market next year”.  So, between study, more study and planning for 2015 (it seems early but as usual application deadlines and New Years will arrive with little warning!!), there has been little time for anything else!

Completing my final paper on the painfully timetabled final Saturday morning of exam period, I met one of my oldest food ‘partners-in-crime’, M for brunch on this chilly Monday.  Being my third visit to the increasingly famous Devon Cafe (Mama and I have have enjoyed both their brunch and lunch), I was eager to introduce M to this brunch haven.  We agreed that after a hectic semester, the feeling of being able to simply “chill” over winter break (excuse the pun) was more than welcome in a widespread embrace!

My insta-surveying had me eyeing the “Ultimate Toastie” special BUT to my the disappointment of my increasingly large winter appetite, I was told that this highly photographed dish is only served on Friday to Sunday!  No matter, this momentary sadness was salvaged by the prospect of trying the “Eggs Blini”; Buckwheat blini, cured king salmon, salmon caviar, broccolini, sauce Mikado and poached eggs.  Usually, ‘Benedict-type’ eggs are sometimes rather heavy, but thisdish was quite the opposite.  Eggs were poached to oozing perfection, blini was fluffy and slightly sweet and was complemented perfectly by a tangy sauce and delicious cured salmon.  Never having seen this on a cafe menu before, I thought it was rather unique and definitely something I would recommend for poached egg enthusiasts and those looking for a dish that is not the ‘run-of-the-mill’ brunch option.

The ever-friendly waitress wash highly supportive of our ‘finale’ dish, ‘Little Lost Bread’; PB&J brioche French toast, warm banana, nutella, jam, peanut butter ice cream.  If you know me, these components are my breakfast loves, whether it be Banana Oats or Banana and PB Oats or many of the toast variations that include PB and Banana on toast.  M and I agreed that the Brioche was pan-fried exquisitely, maintaing a crisp (not oily!) exterior with soft and buttery innards.  Although it sounds awfully rich and heavy, I felt that the flavours were balanced well; especially the PB ice cream which was by no means the ‘solid PB’ ice cream which I have become accustomed to!  Lovers of sweet breakfasts or those looking for a ‘dessert’ to end their lunch, this is THE ONE!

Devon has never failed to impress.  As per usual, their coffee received a thumbs up and was a much needed warm hug in the morning cold.  I’m off the soy kick and back onto pure milk in my coffee and loving it!  Not to mention that I was on a coffee hiatus during exams…crazy I know…but coffee has never been more appreciated now that I time to really enjoy it!

M and I have definitely begun our Winter ‘chills’ and relation sessions with happy bellies.

Recommendation for any Devon ‘newbies’ – SHARE SHARE SHARE!  Everything on the menu sounds worth the order and if you’re indecisive about whether to go for savoury or sweet dishes sharing will provide you with the perfect opportunity to sample the best of both worlds.

Devon Cafe provides unique dishes cooked to perfection.  The staff are friendly, the coffee is great; I highly recommend them for breakfast, brunch, lunch….and they’re starting dinner service soon so I hear!

So….my winter chills have begun but will come to an end tomorrow when I jet off to a warmer climate…guess where….????

Clue: FOOD (I think you all will know where)

Hopefully I’ll be able to share more anecdotal eats over these holidays!  I’ve missed this space!!

Ming x

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4 thoughts on “Winter ‘Chills’: Devon Cafe

    1. helloitsming Post author

      Thanks Amanda 🙂
      Ahh you must visit! I find that the hype surrounding it is definitely justified! Don’t worry though I completely empathize with not having visited a number of foodie joints that are super popular… So many places to try and so busy sometimes haha!


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