Tiong Bahru Heritage Trail II: Nicher Bakery, Singapore

In an unassuming corner of an old-time ‘Kopitiam’ aka Singaporean Coffee Shop usually selling local fare, there is a glass counter, commercial oven and a young entrepreneur running the show.  This is the physical extent of Nicher Bakery.  The reason for the simplicity of the business is ingenious; the increasing amount of cafe/restaurant competition growing in Singapore but more crucially in Tiong Bahru.  You can read about the story behind this business venture here.

What I found most interesting was how such a simple concept was still able to bring so much to the foodie community.  I’m not entirely sure just how many Pound Cakes and Muffins are churned out everyday, but their freshness is maintained by glad-wrapping each loaf individually before boxing them.

We resisted the temptation of buying anything after our lunch at Flock Café and quick stop off for the sell-out Tau Suan dessert stall in the iconic market, but admired how successful and original a simple idea could involve into.

With a few upcoming Christmas parties, we thought that the Pound Cakes would make the perfect presents or contributions to pot-luck! Mumma rang up the bakery on December 23 hoping that they would be open for a pick up on Christmas Eve….alas they were and a large order was put in.  One of the cakes we had wanted to order was originally unavailable, but Melvin, the brains and baker behind the venture very kindly offered to bake another batch for us which would be available at the end of his working day.

So Mumma may have been slightly enthusiastic in her Pound Cake ordering….

2x Matcha and Azuki Bean ($14)

2x Chocolate and Coffee ($14)

2x Fruit Cake ($18) – only available during the Festive season

Having taste tested each cake over the festive season (#yolo) I can safely vouch for their freshness.  They were all moist and not overly buttery or sweet which I appreciated.

Most Interesting: Matcha and Azuki Bean
A distinct green tea flavour well suited to those who are lovers of the Asian flavours

Best Spin on a Classic: Fruit Cake
Usually I associate Christmas Fruit Cake with a distinct taste of alcohol and an eclectic combination of dried fruit, however this rendition appeared to contain minimal to no liquor.  The combination of dried fruit, the unique addition of chestnut and freshness of its featured flavours made this a close favourite, however by family vote….

Favourite: Chocolate and Coffee
Purely for its simplicity and its ability to remind me of a decadent cup of Mocha

Whether a SNG local or tourist, I would recommend paying Nicher a visit to pick up a loaf of their pound cake or some muffins for a snack/breakfast or to purchase as a delicious foodie present.

The simple things really can hold great surprises.

Address: 71 Seng Poh Road, Singapore, Singapore 160071

Ph: 9645 5604

Opening Hours: 8:00 am – 3:00 pm

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nicher.at.home


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