End of 2013 Reboot

I have been pondering upon this post for a long while now – how to approach a ‘conversation’ after 6 months away from the world of WordPress and the blogosphere.  Upon embracing the mantra of my mother “just go for it”, I am rather excited to ‘resuscitate’ this ‘friend’.

It would only be fair for me to explain to my absence; which can be summarized succinctly in one simple yet daunting noun…UNIVERSITY. When people tell you that second year will be breezes compared to first year DOO NOOOTTT believe them!  While it seems that my entire life had become consumed by the domino effect of assessments, practicals, lectures and exams last semester and ‘hello it’s ming’ was placed on the backburner, I truly did enjoy completing the last component of second year university despite the constant whining and complaining to my patient and supportive mother!

Over my blog detox, I had time to consider my outlook on this space.  Originally I had seen this space as a rather ‘text-based’ method of sharing of my foodie journeys and life in general, and with the encroaching clouds of study the perfectionist within me was reluctant to post anything that I was not entirely satisfied with.  My epiphany came when I realized I had forgotten that what I have most enjoy about the experience of blogging is the ability to share an experience, whether it be through words or simply an uploaded Instagram image and the animated banter shared with a community of individuals I have connected with over the past year and a half.

I am hoping to return to this space with a flexibility in format of posting.  Each post does not need to be in the meticulous detail which I am usually so particular about.  Whether it be a full fledged account of my escapades with a common theme or a photolog with a few vignettes, I wish to continue sharing my experiences whether they be about food or life (food :P).

At present, I am writing from one of my favourite destinations in the world and home for the next 3 months,  Singapore.  Family and awesome food make for an unbeatable summer, which will hopefully allow for time to update you all on what shenanigans I have been up to for the past 6 months, sprinkled with a few cheeky stories and memories which I hope to collect over the next few months.

Here’s to the beginning of a relaxing holiday or vivacious adventure for my fellow university comrades and a fruitful last few weeks of 2013 for everyone else!

Until then….

A few occurrences of my first week in Singapore….

A breakfast ‘staple’ when we first arrive in Singapore is the well known Kopi and Kaya Toast, which is recreated at Devon Cafe in Sydney!  These flavours seem to have become an iconic and unique flavour associated with Singapore.  Oh and of course a side of Cheong Fan is always snuck into our order.

The first of many Ice Kacang ‘towers’ enjoyed after our Black Carrot Cake dinner – well deserved after our long day of shopping.

And so the yearly papaya addiction begins………

Nasi Lemak with Spicy Otah..translation… Coconut Rice with a Spicy Fish Paste that is cooked in a Banana Leaf.  A strange but perfect combination…

When tempted by Mumma, I find it hard to turn down a  selection of ‘Nonya Kueh’ from the famous Bengawan Solo.  If you are a coconut, pandan, gula melaka lover these desserts/snacks are undoubtedly going to change your world!


A trio of local desserts with Mumma and Lil’ Bro at a local mall to balance out the savoury Old Chang Kee Curry Puff.  This Curry Puff is what I live for each trip…slight exaggeration??…hmmm…..*drools* 😛

Ming xx


4 thoughts on “End of 2013 Reboot

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    There’s no right or wrong in terms of what content goes in your personal blog! No matter which direction you go down, I’ll be happy to read the text or drool over the food pictures hehe 🙂

    1. helloitsming Post author

      Thanks For the encouragement Tina… That means a lot coming from such an accomplished blogger! Hopefully Ill be able to keep writing frequently within is mindset… So much more fun lol!

  2. grabyourfork

    Blogging is definitely a lot more work than people realise! And I agree that blogs always evolve with an individual. Do what feels good for you 🙂 In the meantime enjoy your holidays! So envious of all the foods!


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