Freedom Vs. Exam Hibernation: 18 Grams Espresso

At this moment, Lil’ Bro and I are at opposite ends of the freedom spectrum – I am basking in the freedom of post-exam period while Lil’ Bro is suffering the stress and hard-work of HSC Trial preparation as he hibernates in the study.  Upon delivering Lil’ Bro to his morning tutoring session, Mama and I snuck off to Randwick to give 18 Grams Espresso a taste test after Papa had raved about its coffee numerous times.

“What’s with the name 18 Grams?” you may ask. 

A double shot of coffee uses roughly 18 Grams of ground beans! 

Latte – Ecuadorian Blend of the Day

The coffee was smooth and had a great nutty flavour to it, which I really enjoyed.  Although the menu is limited to breakfast wraps, raisin toast and pastries, I believe that it is definitely for the better as it really keeps the show simple and centered around good coffee and quality not quantity (excuse the cliché).

Knowing that I was waiting for Mumma who had disappeared to run an errand while we waited for breakfast, the guys running the show were super considerate and served me my soy latte and a muffin first.  It may have been my frozen, Eskimo-like façade as I bundled myself up in the cold weather that spurred them to save me from death by winter, but nevertheless it was a sign of great service!

Breakfast Wrap – Bacon, Egg, Baby Spinach, Tomato Relish

On her return, Mumma and I shared a ‘Bacon and Egg Wrap’, which came with a delicious tomato relish, which I can never refuse.  It was fresh, comforting and the perfect savoury breakfast, when looking for a lighter option.  In addition, diners definitely receive their value for money, with the coffee and wrap special being $9.90!  What more could one ask for?

Raspberry and White Chocolate Muffin

Being the avid muffin taste tester in my family, I would definitely give the 18 Grams Raspberry and White Chocolate muffin my big tick of muffin approval!  It had a balanced sweetness and was not overly buttery or heavy in texture, which I find to be the problem  with some unloved muffins.  This was a great ‘dessert’ choice for our breakfast.

If you are around the Randwick area or even on the hunt for a good and somewhat unique flavoured coffee, keep 18 Grams Espresso in mind.  I am interested in trying some of their other breakfast selections or just eating that breakfast wrap again!  The cafe although small in size has a quaint and vintage feel with great energy and the wafting aroma of the coffee beans certainly creates a coffee appreciators’ nirvana!

‘Hipster-like’ sugar container

Lil’ Bro if you’re reading this (hello!), sorry you missed out but I can’t wait for you to finish these exams so we can go coffee/breakfast hunting together!

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