Friendship + Food: Bills and Mad Spuds

During high school, we undoubtedly form a close group of friends.  In my case, it was a group of friends that literally had every single class together – thank you 4 unit Maths!  I might add that our nightmarishly three hour long (not to mention afternoon) lessons were often hijacked by gourmet brownies, feta and sourdough – you name it, we had it to quell our stresses and overloaded brain capacities. When university started, we all headed our ways without a second thought, thinking that we would still see each other every other day considering some of us would be going to the same ‘big pond’ in which we were the ‘little fish’ again!  So with a few scattered across the state and the unexpectedly frantic new journey it was hard to really sit down and enjoy our once common breakfast/brunch dates.

This is where I begin to be so thankful for ‘Summer Holidays’.  Not only do I have time to really relax and unwind and take care of myself, but I have been able to set aside some much needed ‘catch-up’ and talk about everything and anything time.  More importantly, this time is actually enjoyed without the constant inkling that you have an assignment due or three quizzes next week – this is how my stress head works 99.9999% of the time!

P and I have always had a soft spot for anything Bills, so when our long overdue catch up came around we took a stroll down Queen Street to meet the delights of the famous Corn Fritters.  In the same course and university, we expected to see each other all the time, but timetables and subject choices decided otherwise and the most we saw of each other during semester was a wave across campus!

You can judge how enjoyed and required a catch up is when you’re still chatting, *cough* savouring their coffee *cough*, the café has cleared out and the kitchen staff are beginning to stand around aimlessly.  The best part however, was the absence of the staff attempting to push us out the door, allowing us to enjoy our close to three hour lunch!  The deco of Bills Woollahra is simply inviting and homelike, as if one was sitting around their own dining area which looks into a sun drenched courtyard – perfect for a relaxing meal.

How could I not take some foodie-graphs though? (Thanks for tolerating this P!)

On our menu for the date were Corn Fritters (not an obvious choice at all!) and a summery and refreshing Lentil Salad with Beetroot and Goats Curd, which were both light, full of flavour and fresh!  Being the first time that I had tried Goats Curd, it provided a pleasant savoury taste, complimenting the subtle taste of beetroot.  Corn Fritters…light, fluffy, understated…in love.  I was reminded why we, in P’s words, “never say no to Bills”.  Lovely seeing you P, I’ve missed our dramatically long food/talk driven dates ;).

Another date with my Wifey was much needed, as I hardly see her now that she’s studying her lil’ heart out in a completely different part of the state and I miss her dearly!  We ticked off an item on my ‘to try’ list and made our way over to Surry Hills to taste test ‘Mad Spuds’.  As per usual, we sat and sat and ate and ate.  We probably solved all the world’s problems in that time (with the help of potatoes haha) – we talk A LOT!  This was a far cry from the usual “run across campus with a muesli bar”, which both Wifey and I deal with during semester.

Entering the comfortable yet ‘hipster’ style café with an eclectic wallpaper made out of a collection of cuttings, we took to the menu and wanted to order EVERYTHING.
 photo IMG_5813_zps22cf6969.jpg

In the end we settled for the “Salmon and Feta Spud Skins”, which were indescribably delicious!  The skin was super crispy, accompanied by the perfect amount of remaining potato flesh and the flavours of the Salmon and Feta just worked magically, each having their chance to shine.  I will be back to try more of their skins, namely “Eggs in a Spud” – adorably named and from the ‘preview’ provided by this first experience, how could I be disappointed?!
The “Lentil Spud Crunch” salad was Wifey’s pick and the portion was super generous.  Without the heaviness that comes with some patties, the ones in this salad were slight and truly packed a punch when it came to seasonings.  We might have slightly enjoyed the sweet potato crisps as well…

What’s a café date without coffee?  Soy (for moi) and Skim (for wifey) Lattes were in order!  Mad Spuds uses ‘Double Roasters’ beans and my, their coffee certainly lives up to it’s ‘Sydney Morning Herald: 2 Coffee Cup’ Award.  The ‘kick’ of the bean was just enough to ensure it was not drowned out by any milkiness, while maintaining a smooth and rich taste.  A lunch with Wifey is always a good one and I can’t believe I only see her properly every 3 months L!

Sitting down to enjoy a meal during the week and having de-stressed and uninterrupted conversation with friends is something I truly missed during semester!  Hopefully there will be a few more before Year 2 begins!!

Ming xx

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6 thoughts on “Friendship + Food: Bills and Mad Spuds

    1. helloitsming Post author

      Hey Raff! Thanks for dropping by :). Ok shall definitely go back for the burgers next time!! Thanks for the tip! Felt a bit obligated to try their ‘spuds’ on first visit haha. Ohhhh that coffee sounds supperrrbbbb ;).


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