Happy Chinese New Year!

Hey all!  A BIG Happy Chinese New Year from me :)!  I had a wonderful weekend with my family and some close friends calling in “The Year of the Snake”.  What would be a celebration without the production of hearty meals that bring everyone together around the table.  Although we weren’t able to celebrate this important event with our family in Singapore :(, I think Mumma and I did a pretty good job in replicating the traditional reunion dinner and New Years Day meals.

Before, I present you all with the deliciousness of Chinese New Year I wish to present you with a “Hello It’s Ming” update since a new year calls for new ideas and goals.

Sometimes my blog becomes a little empty and lonely because I don’t have time to produce a full-scale post, which is usually a restaurant/eating story!  In addition to this, I feel like ‘helloitsming’ is lacking the ‘me’ factor within it and I am hoping to inject a bit more of my personality and quirky daily tales into this space.

The past year has been eventful, with the start of university and a very demanding course.  I think sometimes we forget how to look after ourselves and become too focussed on the smaller things.

My hope is for this blog to become more about ‘Ming’ and a journey towards balance, happiness and health with frequent shorter posts as an update on daily life – a reminder to take a step back and reflect on my day and hopefully inspire any readers to do the same.  I am refreshing my passion for life and self care, taking the time to experiment in the kitchen and look forward to every meal of the day, enjoy photography, play with fashion and reconnect with friends and family and find bliss within the uncertainty and chaos of the everyday.

But, never fear!  I will still produce my original longer postings when there is breathing space and there will be many more foodie-graphs being posted from my daily eats whether they be home cooked or a restaurant event!

So, one could say that ‘helloitsming’ is heading towards more of a ‘microblog’ type, but I refuse to let that be the be all and end all of my blog – it will find the balance between shorter updates and longer stories of exciting culinary adventures!

I hope readers enjoy the new direction the blog is embarking on as I begin to embrace what I love and leave the monochromes behind to live a life full of colour and self discovery!

THE IMPORTANT PART OF THE POST: Foodie-graphs of Chinese New Year accompanied by a few words 🙂


Chinese New Year Eve fell on a Saturday this year, so we invited our super close family friends over for our ‘Reunion Dinner’ – such an important part and start to the New Year :).  Mumma and I spent the whole day in the kitchen, cooking our hearts out and I admit that I learnt a great deal just by watching her processes of cooking.  Hopefully I’ll be able to cook with such expertise soon!!  In comparison to years past, I was able to put in a significant contribution to preparing the meal, which only enhanced the satisfaction of sitting down and eating away throughout the annual celebration!

We had a traditional steamboat filled with SEAFOOD, my love in life!  The ‘live’ prawns were the absolute highlight of this – juicy, fresh and a true testament to Sydney’s fine seafood.

No meal is complete without my Mumma’s Singapore Curry.  The only way to describe it is – THE BEST.  I have never ever enjoyed anyone’s curry more – even in Singapore!

Grilled Salmon Belly with a super crispy skin and tender flesh courtesy of my acquired skills with the pan!

Of course we needed Wagyu Beef for the boys, which was cooked in the aromatic oils left by the salmon belly!

Yes, it happened – I snuck in my Zumbo brownies into the meal.  I know it’s not exactly the most traditional dessert, but one can’t argue when presented with brownies!


Nothing tastes better than leftover Singaporean Curry, especially when it is accompanied by Ah Ma Style Jap Chae!  This is one dish that I must learn to cook – something that always reminds me of family and lazy Saturdays at Ah Ma’s house in Singapore.


So the rule is, if you don’t book a Chinese restaurant on New Years Day then you won’t be able to get a table!  Let me introduce to you all, ‘take away’.  Mumma and I took a drive down to Chinatown to pick up some delciousness from Golden Century, so we could celebrate in the comfort of our dining room without the chaotic and busy surrounds of the restaurant that is inherent to Chinese New Year.

Char-Siew, Prawns and Soya Sauce Chicken ended our celebrations with happy, comforting and delicious flavours that we know so well!

So HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR again to everyone!  May the Year of the Snake bring us all happiness, health, prosperity and love!

Ming xx


4 thoughts on “Happy Chinese New Year!

  1. Amanda

    Happy New Year to you too!

    I think moving to a more personal blogging style is a great idea – as amazing as recipes and reviews can be, I don’t think they really mean much if you don’t know who the person behind the blog is!

  2. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    Regardless of which direction your blog heads towards, you will always have your “ghost” readers 🙂 Happy New Year Ming! Wishing you a great 2013 ahead xx


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