Creating Memories: Foodie Trek

The poor soul of my blog was slightly neglected over exam period, but now it is time to inject some life back into it, especially since I have memory card full of photos that is literally screaming to be blogged hehe.  Now that summer holidays are in full swing, I hope to share some of my favourite eats and experiences of 2012.

Maybe it’s just the Singaporean culture within me but my greatest memories have always seemed to be created in association with good food!  Over mid-semester break a.k.a mid-semester catch up with work(!!), Mumma kindly decided to take a day off work to turn the long weekend into an even longer one.  Yay!  Mumma is truly my best friend and any time we spend together always creates fond memories no matter what mischief we get up to!  “What should we do tomorrow?” she asked me on Thursday night as we rolled out of Home Thai.  “Food trek?!” I asked.  The days Mumma has time off work are rare and treasured, so what better way to use them than to bask in the relaxing world of cafes and coffee?!

We made our way through four eating spots – Café Cre Asion, Silvas Portuguese Chicken and Sweet Belem in Petersham and Café Shenkin in Newtown.

I absolutely loved Café Cre Asion!!  After reading about it in the online foodie-verse at chocolatesuze, bitemeshowme etc, this hidden gem has been on my wish list for a while.  With an inconspicuous location at the back of a Surry Hills laneway, it has been claimed to have the best macarons in Sydney.

The minute my eyes laid eyes on the words ‘Salted Chocolate Cookie’, I nudged Mumma and pointed – no words were needed and as usual our freaky mother-daughter telepathy took place.  The cookie was extremely fresh and full of crunch, with a hint of saltiness cutting through the decadent chocolate and sweetness of the cookie itself.  Usually a ‘chewy’ cookie lover, I made an exception for this delightful start to the food trek!

The oh so moist raspberry and white chocolate muffin was spied by Mumma and was definitely one of the best muffins I’ve tried.  This ingredient filled beauty had chunks of white chocolate hiding within, giving each bite a burst of sweetness that had myself and lil’ bro in muffin heaven!

Double Smoked Ham with Gruyere Cheese and Dijon Mustard sambo was  I don’t normally like to build up expectations but goodness this was really one of the best toasties I’ve had.  This claim was sealed with the approval of toastie King lil’ Bro and my much loved toastie chef, Mumma!  The cheese just oozed out in all its goodness and the mustard was the perfect balance to its richness.  Knowing that mumma, lil’ bro and I were sharing, the kitchen cut it into three slices for us (how thoughtful!) – battle for the toastie had been averted!

Mumma and I both tried the Green Tea Cappuccino, which was lovely!  The matcha craze has really taken the coffee scene by storm and it was my first time trying this famous drink.  A must try for green tea lovers!

The star of the visit – macarons!  We tried the Strawberry Milk, Dear Chris, Caramel Chocolate and Dark Chocolate.  They were filled with awesomeness – what a real macaron should taste like.  The consistency of the innards was moist yet chewy and the delicate outer shell shattered on first bite! Although they were delicious, after trying the ‘Zumbarons’ kindly given to me for my birthday by my amazing ‘twin’ ‘miho’ and ‘I’, Adriano Zumbo holds the key to my macaroon heart!  But, these are definitely still worth the try and a trip to Cre Asion is indeed still full of other delicious nibbles!

Café Cre Asion – I’ll be back!!

Mumma had on onset of Portuguese Chicken cravings, so we thought hey let’s make the trip to Petersham!  It had been quite a while since we last had the pleasure of eating in the area and lil’ bro’s slight addiction to fries had him a little excited.

When ordering, we kept it simple – crispy skin and tender chicken meat with delicious vegetable rice and the perfectly cooked chips which lil’ bro devoured in minutes!  The chicken was well cooked, tender and just as I had remembered it, accompanied by the perfectly grainy rice.  You know what they say – ‘less is more’ and the simplicity yet comfort and enjoyment of this meal seriously proved that to me!

By this time we were starting to feel a little full but we could not leave Petersham without trying their famous Portuguese Egg Tarts, so the three musketeers skipped across the road to ‘Sweet Belem’ and bought their famous delicacy!  The egg tart wasn’t too sweet and the pastry was perfectly flaky as it fell apart with each mouthful.  I think we all wished that we had bought a few more!

Next stop was what seems to be a foodie centre at the moment, Newtown! I had heard that Café Shenkin made one of the best coffees in Sydney and Mumma and I were needing our coffee hit for the day, however I was slightly disappointed as it didn’t live up to my favourite flavour punch from Toby’s Estate or my staple Azzuri Café at USYD.

BUT…all was not lost!  I tried their peanut butter slice which was great…how could one go wrong with peanut butter?!

A day filled with good food, relaxing strolls through Newtown and time spent with two of my favourite people – perfect J.  Foodie Trek #1 was a success!  Hopefully there will be many more to come!
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3 thoughts on “Creating Memories: Foodie Trek

  1. Tina @ bitemeshowme

    Yay welcome back 😉 Looking forward to many more of you food adventures! Cafe Cre Asian is just amazing. I am one of those who prefer them over zumbo 😉


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