Welcome to Summer: Smoyo Froyo

Hello friends!

Apologies for the lack of postings as of late! Exams were a traumatic (:P) and busy time but I am finally back and officially on summer break for the next…wait for it…FOUR MONTHS (!!), which means, with the excess time for eating/blogging will hopefully come a whole wave of posts.

Thought I would reboot the blog with a lil’ shout out to the people at Smoyo Froyo.

With the world domination of ‘Froyo’ on the horizon, the likes of Moochi, Noggi, Yoguberry (just to name a few ;D ) are popping up all over Sydney. The new and humble Smoyo at the unexpected location of ‘Eating World Food Court’ is undoubtedly going to give the froyo ‘giants’ a run for their money!

After seeing Ramen Raff’s numerous instagrams and tempting blog post, I was made aware of this ‘underdog’ on the rise. So, on a warm Sunday afternoon and with final exams less than a month a way, I made lil’ bro and Mumma make a trip down to Chinatown to drown my study sorrows in the delights of frozen yoghurt.

















I had been tweeting with the cool people behind ‘Smoyo’ and it was great to finally meet them and their awesome self-serve yoghurt machines and toppings! I no longer had to fear the prospect of not receiving a decent amount of topping and being limited to one flavour (I’m indecisive ;P) with the fun of self-serve.

I went for the special of the day ‘Coconut’ and the classics of ‘Originial’ and ‘Green Tea’ flavours topped with mango, lychee jelly (exciting!!) and strawberries. Any remnant of study blues were annihilated by the genius ‘Coconut’ flavour, which was to die for – not too rich and packed with flavour! I could taste summer holidays – lazing in some exotic location (but I had to get through exams first!!!). Surpassing my daily dairy levels for the day, it was worth every mouthful J.  The only sad part of the adventure was the melting and disappearance of the froyo as I slowly savoured each bit of happiness!

So for all uni students out there who battled through the warpath of finals ….or anyone really (who doesn’t love froyo?)…go treat yourself or cheer yourself up with ‘Smoyo Froyo’!  And… now that summer is here, welcome the sunshine and warmth with open arms and use the heat as an excuse to eat froyo!!

Check out their rotational flavours which include epic things like Milk Tea, Cereal Milk, Green Tea etc etc (I really need to get back there and try these out!)

Smoyö Frozen Yogurt
Shop 219, Eating World
25-59 Dixon Street
Haymarket NSW 2000

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