Spontaneous Celebration: The Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay

Sometimes the things we dread the most end up pleasantly surprising us.   An impulsive booking for lunch at Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay spurred by serious fish pie cravings turned out to be the perfect way to celebrate the official end of my first semester at university – a big challenge.  This had been marked by the arduous release of results throughout the week, which definitely turned out better than my stressed out and paranoid self had expected.  Ahhh…the joys of surprises…plus food!

Boathouse is sneakily located at the back of Glebe; tucked away but overlooking a beautiful view of the Anzac Bridge.  The family and I had Mother Nature on our side, providing one of Sydney’s characteristic sunny winter’s days when we made our little dining journey.

I admit that whenever Mama and I see oysters on the menu we cannot help but sneak in an order!  We left our selection of four to the restaurant, known for their oyster expertise!  I’m sure that I was just excited by the elaborate names of the oysters, as I was by tasting them – Clair de Lune, Wonboyn Rock, Label Rouge, Coffin Bay Pacific.

Continuing with the theme of seafood selection, our entrees of  “Seared Hiramasa Kingfish” and “Seared Hervey Bay Scallops” showcased the range and quality of the Sydney’s fresh seafood.  The delicate pieces of chorizo mixed with the kingfish gave the dish its required kick; but I question whether it overpowered what was meant to be the feature of the dish.  As always, my tastebuds are sent into a frenzy when they meet the deliciousness of perfectly cooked scallops and Boathouse did not disappoint with this dish.  The added touch of the creamed corn just accentuated the moist and smooth textures of scallop!  Heaven!!

Papa chose the “Tuna” for his main course while Lil’ Bro as usual went straight for the “Roast Rump of Cowra Lamb”.  Their silence was enough to say that they enjoyed their choices, however, judging by the small serving sizes and their dismay when they demolished their mains I could tell that they were wishing for heartier portions which would have better reflected the price of each main.

What would a trip to Boathouse be without having their signature “Snapper Pie”?  The oh so flaky pastry accompanied by the creaminess of the snapper innards was what I had been waiting for.  What I love about sharing this dish is that the restaurant serves out the pie separately – each pie fiend receives their own plate of mash with a smoked tomato.  On our visit, I have to say that the pie did lack the oomph and magic that I had experienced previously and I’m not too sure why but nevertheless it still made me a happy happy diner J.  After much exploitation of debating skills I convinced Mama that we still had to try something else because ‘sharing’ the pie was simply not enough.  Well…I just really wanted to try the “Gnocchi with pumpkin, oyster mushroom, asparagus and slow cooked egg”!  Breaking into the pristine egg white, the yolk oozed out in exactly the way I had been anticipating as I almost jumped out of my seat in excitement.  Oh and can you see the amazing colour of the pumpkin puree?!! Papa may have had to tell me to calm down a little!  However, the gnocchi itself disappointed me a little.  The consistency just didn’t feel like others that I had tried which attained smooth and fluffy mouthfuls of goodness.  But all in all the dish in its entirety was saved by the slow cooked egg and my love for anything with mushroom and pumpkin!

No celebration is complete without dessert!  So the torment of having to choose between the numerous choices had begun.  We chose the “Banana Souffle” and “Honey Mousse” on the recommendation of our waiter.  I admit this may also have been attributed to my food stalking of vxdollface’s blog, “When the World Stops Spinning”.  I broke past the crispy layer of the soufflé and into its warm, airy contents,  which was to my absolute delight accompanied by PEANUT ICE CREAM!  I began to reminisce of my guilty pleasure in the banana and peanut butter on toast, which powered me through last year’s HSC torment!   I may have taken a larger share of this than the rest of my family…it was time to celebrate wasn’t it?!  I must say that this soufflé was comparable to that of Guillaume at Bennelong!  Luckily, Lil’ Bro took a shine towards the “Honey Mousse” which was absolutely delicious – not too rich and complemented by the crunch of Honey Comb and the freshness of fruit, which almost consoled our health conscious personas!

This spontaneous trip to Boathouse on Blackwattle Bay was definitely a beautiful way to celebrate!  This well appointed restaurant and the weather that came with the day was a true reflection of the pleasant surprise and happiness brought about by the end of my first semester, reminding me that I had made it through a very hard and stressful three months!  It gave me a chance to finally start enjoying and relaxing in the time spent with my family… which we always ensure comes with good food!

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